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I just want to write a five page paper about why I think Sengoku Basara’s dub is da bomb and the writing approaches (because they’re different in the first season and the second season and it’s totally awesome). 

Which I probably will because there’s stories to be told about my three day adventure at AAC. It’s lifted my spirits and I’ve just got this sense of, “I can fucking do this! LET’S PARTY today.”

So I’m going to take a shower and then write to Bang Zoom! and Funimation and then write some more because I’m awesome today.

Today Patrick Seitz told me he was just trolling my space dandy post and saw stuff I had been putting up on here (mostly that ridiculous gosh darn picture I drew for him) and I managed NOT to cry. And talking him was totally awesome.

But I cried in front of Chris Cason. I was a mess. Waaaah.
But no seriously it’s only because he’s been totally awesome and mentor-ly to me. 

I’m in good spirits after Another Anime Convention. It was honestly so great. My experiences there have been getting better and better and it’s still my favorite convention. 

But then I realized I forgot my fucking keys so now I have to wait for someone to bring them to me and I have to work at 4 AM. So I won’t be writing about the entire weekend for some time. But do I have stories to tell. There were tears. Laughter. PUNS. //wiggles eyebrows

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