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  • Mogami:

    ...Where am I? ...Who am I?

  • Mogami:

    Umm... Why do my cheeks hurt so badly?

  • Mogami:

    If I remember correctly, I think I used to be a noble and elegant man...

  • Mogami:

    Actually, I think I was flying in the sky...

  • Mogami:

    Noble, elegant, capable of flying... Am I, an angel!?

Today I accidentally said, “See you next Tuesday” to a coworker and she started cracking up. And I didn’t get it for a bit and then I was like. “Oh, oh shit. I haven’t heard that in like … six years.”


Mogami: Gentlemen! Go have your petty quarrel somewhere else!

Mogami: How will I find Ieyasu-kun like this!

Mogami: The savior of the Eastern Army, Mogami Yoshiaki has arrived!

Mogami: Please go let Ieyasu-kun know as well!

Tokugawa Soldier: HUH!? Now is not the time for that!

Mogami: When will Ieyasu-kun come greet me?

Mogami: You right there, can you go call him for me?

Tokugawa Soldier: HEY IEYASU-SA—— I mean NO OF COURSE NOT!

Mogami: Everybody is so mean to me…

oh idk maybe because you’rE IN SEKIGAHARA RN??????

I’m crushing so hard on a boy and I act so stupid about it.
And he’s a musician. And I’ve probably talked to him for a cumulative 5 minutes over the course of six months.
But man he’s so cute.

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