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Ah, thank you though! I do appreciate it!

It’s just a rough situation like I said a post ago because she recently had surgery and my biggest worry is that she’s going to remove her cast, which seems to be the biggest object/cause of these panic attacks, and will only cause more injury to herself.

Okay! This is good because outside of the water thing that’s basically how I handled it.

Unfortunately this person also has a current medical issue (a cast) that sort became and object of said panic attack and very obviously I couldn’t let this person remove said cast … so I had to kinda be a bit bossy? Like, “It’s to keep your wrist stable while it’s healing, you really should keep it on.” But I’m GUESSING that this circumstance means that such actions were necessary.

Does anyone who follows me happen to know the best way to help someone who is having a panic attack? I just kinda had to make it up as it went a lot and I’m not sure if there’s actually a really good method of calming someone down.


So our trailer went out today—with a release date!

Also, the new Dragon Age website went up—which I understand will have a lot of updates to come. That’s good.

My impression of the fan reaction so far has been mostly squeeing and excited grabby hands. Also a lot of screencaps of the group shot at the end of the video, along with comments of “who’s that?” and “we’re gonna bang, k?” …in other words, pretty standard and positive stuff.

Aaaand then I’m back to writing another codex.

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