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“You’re tired? Geez, you’ve been napping a lot these days.”

> … 

“It’s kinda a bummer, what with your sleepiness. But it’s you.”

> Junpei paused, before grinning.

“Let’s hang out after your nap, ‘kay? To make up for all those time you doze off!”

> You can feel a smile on your face. Despite it all, you’re glad to be friends with Junpei.
Thanks for making me laugh, Junpei.

“No problem, man.” 

Close your eyes?

amazingferret asked:

FAV CHARA TYPE CHALLENGE!! If you get this you have to go over 10 series you love and post this message with a picture of one favorite character from each series! Bonus points if you [ or your followers ] manage to pinpoint your type ! Pass it on to 5 other blogs !

Sengoku Basara:

[hahaha Shelby’s art because lookit him]



Final Fantasy:

Dynasty Warriors:

Fate series: 

Space Dandy:


Persona 3:

Attack on Titan:

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